Company presentation

The African Asset Management SGO (SGO AGA) is a public limited company under Ivorian law with a capital of 430 million CFA francs created in January 2018. It has obtained its authorization to exercise the management activity of UCITS (Organisme de Collective Investments in Transferable Securities) with CREPMF (Regional Council for Public Savings and Financial Markets), in June 2018 under number SG / 2018-02.

The main activities of SGO-AGA are the constitution and management of Collective Investment Organizations in Transferable Securities (FCP2 & SICAV).
We also provide advice and assistance in the management of securities portfolios.

We are an independent asset management company whose ambition is to be a major player in the UCITS market in the UEMOA zone initially. The development of the company will continue and will include the other countries of the ECOWAS space as well as those of the CEMAC zone in a second phase.


  • The quality of the management team and its perfect knowledge of the BRVM market;
  • Proximity to our customers;
  • Optimization of the risk / return ratio according to the profile of our clients;
  • The implementation of innovative management strategies


We offer innovative investment products that combine performance research and risk management according to the desired investment horizons and expected performance.

We make mutual fund units and SICAV shares available to savers and investors.

We also set up dedicated common displacement funds as well as pension supplements, employee savings plans, etc.

Our main objective is to provide our clients, in particular, with the advantages offered by OPCVM, namely:

  • Diversification: access to a wide variety of profitable and secure financial securities;
  • Liquidity: The ability to buy and sell at any time;
  • The search for optimal performance and risk control;
  • Management carried out by professionals;
  • Precise investment rules diversifying the risks;
  • An investment direction set out in the product information document;
  • A legal and regulatory framework securing the control mechanisms put in place.


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